Interview with Joe Zambon


Canadian, singer, songwriter, and friend to Milwaukee, Joe Zambon, will be visiting St. Robert Parish Sunday June 5th and performing a concert from noon – 3pm during the Parish’s Fair Festival.  In anticipation of Joe’s visit, I reached out to him to ask a few questions:

Have you always been a faithful Catholic?  Can you share a bit about your journey?
I was born into a Catholic home where my parents were good examples of a faith that could be lived Sunday through Saturday. Although I had never left the Church, my great “returning” was through an encounter and identity shift of God’s personal love for me.  I had struggled my whole childhood and early teenage years doubting that God truly wanted and loved me because of a birth abnormality on my hands (webbed fingers).  Everything changed when I felt the tender and affirming voice of God say “Who you are is who I love”.  It was after that moment that life truly began for me.   I would say that I was then able to love because He first loved me.
What started your interest in music?  Where do you draw your inspiration for your music?
I had an interest in music ever since a child. When it was time for me to have surgery on my hands at the age of 4 I had told the doctors that I wanted to “play piano”.  The inspiration to write music usually happens during the valleys of my life. Rarely do I ever write when life is going “well”. I’m often wrestling with a question that either came from my own heart’s ache or the heart aches of others. It is the questioning that makes me seek out a resolution- some word from God.  Some songs will take longer than others to write depending on how deep the valley is.
Who is your favorite Saint and why?
One of my favourite Saints has always been St. Maria Goretti because I was born on her feast day.  She’s my friend who I look up to as a model of purity and mercy.
What is the biggest difference between Canadians and Americans?
I think Canadians are more polite than Americans! (I hope that doesn’t offend anyone. Sorry if that does. I’m sorry that I even brought this up. Sorry!)
Do you know what a Bubbler is?  If not, we will teach you when you get to Milwaukee.
I have no idea what Bubbler is but I hope it’s edible!
Last, if you had one nugget of advice to pass along to the young people of the Church, what would it be?
Don’t be afraid or delay in loving God with all your heart as a youth. You can be Holy- it is possible! You can be a saint- even now! It is only in relationship with Christ that we will truly find the rest our hearts are longing for. Let’s not be afraid, let’s not delay, let’s make a choice for Christ here and now!
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