Pursuing Christ

Discernment of God’s Will for you.  Maybe this is something that has never crossed your mind (or maybe this is something you cannot get off your mind …)  In day to day life, vocabulary such as “pursuing my vocation” might not come out of your mouth.  Similarly, talking about your prayer life and how God wants to glorify himself through you is not your typical lunch-hour-co-worker-conversation

Yet, how do we continue to encourage the good in one another and seek God’s guidance in life? For a little inspiration of the True, Good, and Beautiful, I want to highlight a talk recorded with Madeline Gibson, a Milwaukee native, who is currently a Postulant with a religious community called the Sisters of Life.  As a Postulant, Madeline is diving into formation, community, and prayer to decide if she is called to be with the Sisters of Life permanently.  The talk titled, “Love Has a Name,” describes an authentic love we all seek along with Madeline’s journey and call to religious life.


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